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3 Signs You May have an Umbilical Hernia
Look for these three signs when you are dealing with a Umbilical Hernia. An umbilical hernia (aka belly button hernia) occurs when intestine, fat, or fluid pushes through a weak spot in the belly, causing a bulge near the navel. An umbilical hernia is most often the result of sudden or repetitive lifting or straining. Sometimes, an umbilical hernia may also happen to people who have health problems that create pressure in the belly, including obesity, pregnancy or having too much fluid in the belly (ascites). Some umbilical hernias are also congenital (present at birth). The pressure of the expanding womb against the navel can also cause an umbilical hernia in a birthing mother.


  Three symptoms of an umbilical hernia include:

  1. You have a small, soft bulge under or around the navel area.
  2. The umbilical hernia is accompanied by pain in the abdomen such as a burning sensation.
  3. The pain in the area the area becomes more severe when lifting, coughing or sneezing.

An umbilical hernia is a serious medical condition that may result in a painful strangulated hernia if not treated.

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