Natural GABA – A knowhow

GABA is considered as one of the neurotransmitters which are abundant in the body. In the cerebral cortex of the brain this GABA is available in quantities that should be sufficient for the body. In normal condition, there will not be any necessity of GABA supplements. Only in the individuals who exhibit mood disorders and anxiety attacks it is said that there will be in-sufficient amount of GABA.

Even though GABA is an amino acid, it does not work like other amino acids in the body. Usually amino acids role is to take part in protein creation. But GABA acts as a neurotransmitter. This takes part in inhibition of nerves over firing. It works by regulating the effects of stimulation by glutamine, dopamine and norepinephrine. These are responsible for nerve over firing.

There is a reason behind GABA’s role to calm down both mind and body. By inhibiting over firing it can calm down the nerves. This indirectly causes reducing the nerve signaling. So overall calming of mind and body is achieved.

So GABA is said to be a release valve in stress which is natural in every human being. So when there is deficiency of GABA occurs in the body then body will shown this through anxiety levels. This is the reason why people have started using GABA supplements.

If one is taking GABA for insomnia, the recommended dose is 500mg to 750mg. This should be taken at least half an hour before they go to bed. If necessary this dose can be increased up to 1000mg.

There are very less studies to prove GABA’s benefits on blood pressure. But there was a study which recommended 10mg of GABA should be taken a day can lead to regulated blood pressure. If GABA is taken for Fibromyalgia then once can follow the dose of 250mg three times or they can also take 750mg one time a day.


Many of the reviews of GABA are on its usage for mood relaxation, calming the mind, and gaining better sleep. Most of them suggest 500mg pills.

This supplement is mainly used for issues like depressive symptoms, anxiety, and ADHD. GABA is nothing but gamma amino butyric acid. In the body when there are exited nerves firing, GABA which is synthesized naturally in the body is used to handle this condition.

The dosage of GABA which should be followed for an ailment depends on two things. One is who is taking GABA, their body and sensitive levels, and their medical conditions. One more thing is the targeted ailment for which GABA is prescribed.

Many reports suggest that even after taking high doses of GABA there won’t be any effects. This is due to their inability to cross blood brain barrier. So this is the reason they cannot reach brain and work as expected.

In this condition, GABA derivatives or agonists can be helpful because they have the ability to cross blood brain barrier. Some of them are picamilon and phenibut. These GABA derivatives can supply needed materials by the brain to cure the desired ailment. Visit for more knowhow.