The Whole30 diet and everything that you need to know about this form of diet

The people who created this Whole 30 program of diet don’t promise immediate weight loss but they definitely promise that this diet form will change your life once and for all. This is a diet program which doesn’t count on portion sizes or calories but strictly restricts those foods which you can eat and which you can’t eat. There won’t be any special situations or exceptions for anybody or any kind of deceptions. Do you think you’re game for it? If answered yes and if you wish to give it a try, you have to get started into knowing some essential details on this kind of program. Read on.

A close analysis of the basic rules of Whole 30 diet program

Let’s take a close look at some of the basic rules which bind this specific diet program.

  • This is a diet program sans sugar and it includes all sorts of sugar alternatives like Splenda or even natural resources of sugar like honey.
  • This is a diet plan sans alcohol and this even means no alcohol in cooking.
  • You can’t use grains of any sort when you follow the Whole 30 diet program.
  • A diet program sans legumes, including soy, beans and even peanut butter.
  • You can’t consume any form of dairy like goat or cow’s milk or products made from milk like cheese, yoghurt etc.
  • You can’t recreate baked goods or junk foods with any other healthy ingredients. This implies a strict No for pizzas even though the crust is made with cauliflower.
  • There are no measurements or scales in this diet program. You aren’t allowed to weigh yourself when you are into this program.

Vital tips to follow the Whole 30 diet program successfully

  • It takes a lot of effort & you should know that. You should always be prepared to learn, read, plan and prep. If you cheat yourself, you deceive yourself.
  • Make sure you cook at home and don’t order food from the restaurant as you won’t know what you’re consuming actually.
  • Don’t forget to go through the nutrition labels in the food products as they play the role of an informative friend. Don’t go by tags like 100% Whole-30 friendly as mostly they aren’t true.
  • Think about the items you may have or include in your diet. Your diet may consist of fresh vegetables, meat, nuts, fruits and seeds.

So, when you’re all set for a Whole 30 diet, make sure you know the above mentioned facts on following this specific diet program. If you cheat yourself, you’ll be the loser and noone else.