Use Nootropics To Boost Memory Power And Improve Your Cognitive Skills

You might come across many supplements in the market when it comes to improving both your physical and mental health. Nowadays, nootropics supplements are creating a huge wave in the market. Nootropics are ‘smart drugs’ that can be used to improve your memory span and keep you alert at all times.

Why Go in for Nootropics

If you are a new buyer, you might want to know more about nootropics before making a purchase decision. Nootropics was introduced by Giurgea in 1964. The main purpose of creating this supplement was to induce sleep, but later on it was found that it could help prevent vertigo and improve memory.

You might wonder why nootropics is a better option when compared to other supplements in the market. Well, for starters these supplements come with fewer side effects when compared to its counterpart.

In addition to other supplements, some people might even resort to caffeine or amphetamines that can boost intelligence by improving your memory. The disadvantage here is that people become addictive and it can come with stronger side effects.

How Can Nootropics Keep You Mentally Fit

We all at one point of time suffer from mental stress and fatigue. We cannot remain focused and feel sluggish all the time. Imagine having an important presentation tomorrow and you cannot seem to focus on preparing for it.

Here is where nootropics can help you. Our brain consists of various neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters are chemicals in the brain that control our ability to focus remain alert and learn. When there are imbalances in these neurotransmitters it can lead to memory loss, sleep disorders and low energy levels.

Nootropic supplements such as Piracetam:

  • Improves your reasoning and cognitive skills
  • You become more focus and alert
  • It keeps mental fatigue at bay and improves your concentration power
  • You feel more relaxed and stress free

You can even stack these supplements with Phenibut and Adrafinil for faster and quicker results.

Phenibut and Oxiracetam for Enhanced Memory Power

If you are suffering from anxiety, stress or depression, then you can go in for Phenibut. Phenibut consists of GABA that is an important neurotransmitter in the brain. Phenibut supplements can cross the blood brain barrier and increases the dopamine levels in the brain.

Oxiracetam, on the other hand works at improving acetylcholine, which can help us concentrate better and Glutamate that is responsible for memories.


Ensure that you talk with your physician before you consume such supplements. Bear in mind to go as per the recommended dosage.