Why E-Cigarettes Are Trending in The UK

E-cig technology is continuing to explode in the UK. Currently, just over 2.5 million Britons use the devices. That represents a growth rate of 24% over the previous year, which is attributed to the rise in ex-smokers who are using the product.

An Alternative to Smoking Tobacco Cigarettes

In addition, a recent report published by Public Health England found that electronic cigarettes were 95% less harmful than smoking tobacco and therefore could serve as a channel for any smoker wishing to quit.

In 2014, e-cig sales were shown to surge in the UK, which was related to the device’s emergence in UK groceries. According to surveys by Nelsen, sales of nicotine patches and gum dropped about 6% whilst the sales revenue for e-cigarettes soared a dramatic 50%.

A Burgeoning Market

This shift is attributed to positive reviews about the e-cigarette and its efficacy in assisting smokers to quit. This definitely is a game changer in the tobacco industry as cigarette sales have been steadily falling by about 2.2% in volume in the interim.

Whilst it is easy to buy an electronic cigarette from a UK supplier online, many High Street stores, especially newsagents and convenience stores, do form a substantial part of the retail landscape for the device.

Currently, over 55% of the UK adult smoking population has already tried an e-cigarette. Smokers who switch to the e-cigarette cite a number of reasons for using the product. Two of these reasons include reducing their intake of tobacco or quitting the tobacco habit.

Beneficial to Public Health

According to a report from The Royal College of Physicians in the UK, substituting electronic cigarettes for tobacco is beneficial to public health and should be promoted to smokers. The report rejects a number of safety arguments that have been marshalled against e-cigs in the past. Instead, it argues that smoking tobacco is so harmful that even potential risk from long-term e-cig use pales by comparison.

The report states that e-cigarettes can help smokers quit regular cigarettes, which they would never do if they did not have access to smoking alternatives. The report also concludes that vaping is not a gateway that leads to eventual tobacco smoking.

A Healthy Preventative

The study finally lays to rest many of the concerns over e-cig products and states that with sensible moderation, electronic cigarettes can make a major contribution towards the prevention of premature death.

This type of report comes at a crucial time for e-cigarette users as well as the industry overall. Confusion over the health effects and safety of the e-cig devices can once and for all be clarified by the publication of the aforementioned report.

If you want to reduce the amount of cigarette waste in the environment as well as save money on your smoking habit, then the e-cigarette provides the alternative you need as a smoker, especially if you find it difficult to quit tobacco cigarettes. Vaping just makes more sense from a health and financial standpoint. Take time today to review your e-cig options.